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About us

Welcome at Non Fungible Lottery on WAX!

NFLottery is a unique & innovative non-profit lottery on the WAX blockchain. Our goal is to explore the metaverse together with our players.  We designed this project in a fun way for everyone to jump in the WAX metaverse and discover new projects. We are very unique in our own way:

  • For every ticket you have, you receive an Earth Chip (from the CrewToons collection so you ALWAYS win something)!
  • Winrate of ~45% for each Lottery!
  • 100% of the Ticket Sale income goes back in the Prize Pool (that results in ALWAYS a bigger prize Pool then ticket income)!
  • Re-useable tickets. Use your old tickets and blend them into new tickets!
  • Ticket holders can enter weekly Discord giveaways
  • Weekly Live Draws on Twitch (with a lot of giveaways)
  • Great community of players & investors!
  • We have great partnerships with great WAX projects that you can find back in the Prize Pool

Our project is so much fun and has so many unique features. What other lottery has a winrate of 45% and always gives you  a prize? So what are you waiting for and buy your first ticket now!



We like to be transparent, so first of all we need to mention that we are not whitelisted (yet) on AtomicHub. We see this os one of our biggest bottlenecks at the moment. We are whitelisted on NeftyBlocks though. The reason for this is because AtomicHub does not want to white list gamble collections. We think of ourselves as something more than gambling and especially with all of the big collections holding their own lotteries we do not think that is fair. However during the whitelist process we we “talking” with an employee of AH that did not want to discuss anything at all. We hope that someday we can have a decent conversation with AH where they can see we are nothing like a gambling project.



We explore the metaverse. We partner up with many collections and show off the coolest projects during our live stream. If you are a collection owner and want to find out more about our partnerships, click here!


CrewToons & NF Lottery have created a unique partnership. We came to an agreement where we buy their NFT’s with a great discount in exchange for the promotion of theirs. There is more to come from this Partnership that will be revealed in the future when the time is right. You can find out more about them in #-about-crewtoons


We especially love the WAX metaverse! Therefore on of our strategies is to invest in other projects that will give back value to our Prize Pool. For example we have Oliveland Trees in our possession, all of the NFT’s that we dig up there will be put back in the prize pool! This is another strategy to make sure that our Prize Pools are always  higher then 100% of what we receive for the Ticket Sales



We like to be transparent on what we do. Therefore if you have any questions or additions on items you would like us to see/show feel free to ask!  You can follow all of our transactions in our official wallet:

Official Wallet: “mrsquidvault”


Winners Role

There is an exclusive role, @Lottery Winners, in our Discord. This role is not for any plebs, only the best of the best will receive those. You need to win the Grand Prize once to get this role granted. 

Winners can expect:

– Extra shot in Discord Giveaways

– Exclusive name Color

– Exclusive Classy/Fancy Chat where you can make fun on non winners

Extra Ticket Giveaways

Every Lottery we mint a few extra tickets that we use for giveaways. They will given away in our own socials, partners and ALWAYS on the Live Stream.


Donations Wallet:  mrsquidvault

Weekly Discord Giveaways & safety

We have many winners in our Discord giveaways. To make it safe for everyone, we will never contact you first if you’ve won. This way we make sure you talk to us and not with a stupid scammer.

Value Model Explained

This project is created around something we call our Value Model. A thing people have to get used to because this is not how other (fiat) lotteries work. The most important thing we saw happening is that the players that buy most Tickets, go home with most of the rewards. Our project is designed that it is ALWAYS in your advantage to buy more tickets. We will explain that here a little bit, it all resolves around our Prize Pool always being higher than what we receive in ticket sales. 

Example with easy numbers:

100 Tickets sold 1 WAX each which means a income of 100 WAX. 

Prize Pool: 110 WAX of value (since our prize pool always has a higher value then our ticket income)

If you buy all tickets, you will have 100 tickets that have a total value of 110 WAX (since you get all the prizes)

So basically 1 Ticket = 1,1 WAX worth in value. The cost of the ticket was 1 WAX so profit value is 0,1 WAX.

Having 4 ticket will have a profit value of 0,4 WAX and so on.

Then of course there is a luck factor. sometimes you win big, sometimes you win small and sometimes you don’t win at all.

But on the long term (more tickets you have) this will balance out and will give you more value back!

This is why it is not a surprise that the players that buy more tickets win more and get their value back sooner.

Official Links

Official Ticketshop:

Official Market:

ONLY BUY from Neftyblocks Market. This is to be sure you don’t buy from another collection (scammers) and you earn Nefty Token!

Nefty NFT Collection:

Twitch Stream:

*We are not (yet) whitelisted on AtomicHub. You can easily view your tickets and mint numbers on Neftyblocks!

Lottery Rules

The Lottery works really simple, however read this carefully to understand how it works and there’s no confusion:

Weekly Lottery

1. Each Sunday the Ticket Sale starts for next weeks Lottery. The draw of that Lottery will be next Sunday.

2. Buy Tickets when Ticket Sale starts with an account limit of 4 tickets every 24h. (this is to keep balance in the projects)

3. Hodl your ticket safe in your wallet. Prizelist will be revealed on Saturday, one day before the Draw.

4. Sunday = Draw Day. Winning #mint numbers will be drawn live on stream with a RNG. After that the results will be placed on the results page !

5. Prizes will be sent within the next 24 hours. Thanks to our partnership with CrewToons you will receive 1 Earth Chip for every Weekly Ticket you own!


Important rules

– You can buy and hodl as many tickets as you want. Each ticket will give you a chance at prizes. the more you have, the greater the chance.

– A snapshot will be taken of the winning wallets **after** the Live Draw happened at random.

– Buying or selling your tickets before prizes are send is at your own risk. If you sell your ticket before prizes have been sent you will not receive it.

– Keep your used tickets and save them for the Bonus Lottery where you can blend them into a Bonus Ticket. (keep your Bonus tickets too, we might do something with them one day!)

– Feel free to contact us anytime with feedback or suggestions!


Prize Pool Weekly Lottery

– 20% WAX Prizes

– 50% NFT prizes

– 20% CrewToons Prizes

– 10% Future (NFT) prizes (+ used to buy RAM when needed)

**Reward**: You will receive for every Weekly Ticket you own 1 Earth Chip from CrewToons collection.


Note that

– These are estimates. We will reveal the exact prizes on Saturday (1 day before Prize Day).

– One of our goals is to create a prize pool that is bigger than what the ticket sales bring in. With our CrewToons Partnership we realised that and have always achieved that in our past lotteries!


Bonus Lotteries

Bonus lotteries are a fun way to get some extra out of your old/used tickets. After every 4 Weekly Lotteries we will hold a Bonus Lottery. you can blend your old Tickets with an Earth Chip to receive a Bonus Ticket that will be entered automatically in the Draw. Also during this Bonus Lottery the newest Legendary #2 from CrewToons will be used as Grand Prize!


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